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White with Red Pop Quote Socks

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Quote Socks

Designed in Australia. Made in Italy. Worn on your feet. Our Pop Art-inspired socks reimagine the Black Sheep logo in full Comic Book form. The "Black!" goes on the left. The "Sheep!" goes on your right. The sock is white. The graphic is black. This polyamide / nylon blend sock is the most comfortable you'll ever put on your foot.


Pop Art was a trans-atlantic art movement and cultural phenomenon that stretched from London to New York City and ripped up the rule book of 20th century art. Combining brilliant, bright colour and pop culture referenced narrative, it’s attention grabbing style was used as an international political language of subversion that rings as true today as it did five decades ago. Our latest LIMITED Release pays homage to this revolutionary era of the 1960 and 70s in all its fun, engaging and colourful-glory.


  • 78% Polyamide
  • 22% Nylon

“Why, Black Sheep these
socks are masterpieces!

Sneak Peak

LIMITED WOW! is bold, brash and racy. You'll either love it or loathe it but, like the art movement that it parodies, this collection is certain to cause a stir. Each kit uses dots and, more significantly, the bold hues that were synonymous with the work of leading pop artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton. And let's be straight, it's the closest any of us are going to get to owning a Lictenstein, baby!

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