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Women's TC19 Undergarment - Floral



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It’s what is beneath that counts

Purposely made for the female silhouette. From neckline, through to shoulder, then down along the waist and around the hips. An exceptionally lightweight, soft, and enduring undergarment. Designed to be worn in the depth of summer, helping remove moisture from the skin. This helps in keeping your core body temperature down, and helping in all-day comfort on the bike.

92% polyester
8% spandex

The days are getting longer, the beers cooler and all we want to do is get out and ride. Welcome the Essentials Team Collection, our signature range crafted to usher in spring and see us through a long, hot summer of beautiful riding just South of Paradise. Led by all Italian fabrics, the lightest of weights, and beautiful colourways, this is a range built for the every day, all day.

The Floral Summer Undergarment

Our Floral Summer is a little bit of our signature for this summer. Big banana leaves. Ferns. All with a radiant blue-green gradient. Wear it as if it’s business on the outside, party on the inside. Or hey, just go nuts, pair it with one of our previous limited jerseys and just feel like you are back at Summerfieldayze.

A female specific fit

Long gone are the days that you have to squeeze into a undergarment that was designed for the male body shape. From neck through to hip, this is female first.


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