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Pull down the covers, get past the darker skies.
It’s neither cold, nor is it hot. Fresher mornings just make way
for sundrenched skies. The All New Euro Collection has been
purpose built for this beautiful time of year. Natural fabrics. Italian
made. A difference you have to touch to truly understand.
The all new Euro Collection. Feel the Difference.

Feel the difference

New Zealand Merino Wool is the finest natural fibre available. Built to control body temperature, from the hottest of days to the coldest of nights. Built to withstand the ruggedness of the New Zealand climate, soft as, ah, wool.

Made from nature.
Built to perform

This is the raddest jersey we have ever produced. Using a lightweight New Zealand Merino fabric throughout, the Natural’s Jersey stays true to the goal of our Essential’s range; your everyday jersey to be worn day-in, day-out. Unmatched moisture management (yeah, you better believe it), odour resistant and feather-like softness.

The perfect pad.

Let's all agree on one thing; the most important thing in a bib is the pad underneath your junk. Our job is to make the most comfortable pad you can sit on. If we didn't, you would throw darts at us. We believe we've made The Perfect Pad and we're telling you we have.

Merino vs Synthetics

By using Merino Wool, it doesn’t mean that we don’t use performance synthetic fabrics, or don’t see the benefits of having both. Natural and synthetic fabrics give us amazing use cases, for specific conditions on the bike.

Don’t believe us?

Try it, and if you don’t love it when
you put it on, send it back.

What makes merino so rad?





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