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Men's Racing Climbers Jersey - Green



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Welcome to the all new RACING. The most advanced Men's garments in our collection. The Climbers Jersey uses a brand-new fabric that has the lightness and strength of a woven fabric, combined with the openness and comfort of a knit. The result is a jersey that weighs 71g finished (go on, measure your other jerseys), that is beautifully soft (thanks to both the elastane and the weight), and made for, erm, summer.


Front: 84 gsm. Elastane 34% Polyester 66%
Back & Sleeves: 70 gsm. Elastane 22% Polyamide 78%
Milled in Italy with incredible hand feel
Stretch Woven Fabric Technology
Elastic waist hem
Three rear pockets
Set-in sleeve construction
Race Fit

Save up to 8 watts. Or just feel fast.

The Aero Jersey uses a textured surface that decreases drag coefficient and improves aerodynamics in regions exposed to high airflow. Mapped according to Wind Tunnel research, savings of up to 8 watts can occur over 40km.

Can we make the rider more aero than... being naked?

Making a Aero Jersey is a somewhat overused statement in the sport of cycling. However, rather than just make a tight fitting jersey (which we are known to do), we wanted to see if we could in fact make the rider more aerodynamic than if they were to ride naked. Thankfully, we were successful.

The Research

According to Debraux et al (2011), up to 80 – 90 per cent of the overall resistance affecting the rider comes from aerodynamic drag. Drag is made up of pressure drag (frontal area), and frictional drag (flow over the body). Decrease both pressure drag and frictional drag, and you improve your aerodynamics. Easy. And not naked.

The Challenge

Pressure drag is largely up to the rider. Your size and position largely influence this. Where we can help is to decrease frictional drag, and possibly improve it against the only baseline we have, your skin. We can artificially create a boundary layer over the cyclist and their limbs, where the air stays smoother, decreasing turbulence, decreasing drag, and increasing speed. Best case scenario that, like the dimples on a golf ball, you can create lift. The result would not only decrease aerodynamic drag, but decreasing rolling resistance (caused by your tyres).

Zoned Fabric Construction

Zoned Fabric Construction is what we have called the specific arrangement of key aerodynamic fabrics to achieve decreased drag. We have used FormDimple in regions of high wind velocity (shoulder and arms, upper back) to increase the boundary layer, and smoothen the air flow. This has been proven to decrease the Coefficient of Drag by recorded decreases in turbulence, ultimately increasing bike speed. Studies have shown this improvements over a 90km time trial of 45 - 67.5 seconds.


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