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Fabrics & Functionality


Every Black Sheep garment is made for a specific function. A combination of fabrics and their properties to achieve performance for certain conditions on the bike.

Body Contour

Body Contouring requires a specific yarn composition to create a fabric that moulds to the shape of the athlete, whilst moving perfectly with the changing demands of riding a bicycle. The end result is the most perfect of fits.


Anti-Sweat moves moisture from the skin, through the fabric, to the environment, rapidly. Transporters made from polyester tubes act as pumps, keeping you dry, cool, and comfortable.

Full-Body Support System

Straps have been removed, replaced with a featherlight sleeveless Body Bib. Made with LuxForm from Switzerland, support is distributed around the body, not just the shoulders. It’s unrecognisable, yet fully supportive.

Power Fit Construction

Power Fit Construction is achieved in all products using CorePower, our Italian-milled 240 gsm bib fabric. 4-way stretch with distributed compression supports the leg musculature; whether you are climbing, sprinting, or spinning.

Between-the-Breast (BTB)

Our BTB Strapping System is a signature of Black Sheep. Designed to take stress off the shoulders and achieve ultimate comfort during hours in the saddle.

Sun Protect

Long periods of sun exposure bring with it the risk of sun damage, and more specifically, skin cancer. The fabric and the added Sun Protect treatment achieve a Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating of plus 30. That's incredible for any lightweight fabric. Trust us.


A barrier between your body and the harshest of conditions. Water is repelled from the fabric, feeding off like nothing had happened. Just don't jump in a swimming pool. That's ridiculous.


The use of reflectivity increases driver perception by up to 90 per cent. Perception is at its highest when reflectivity is positioned on the extremities of the rider, clearly identifying them as a person and not an innate object. All Black Sheep garments have an element of reflectivity to it. Be it on the outside of the bib short, side seam of the pocket. We've got you covered.

The Perfect Pad

The Perfect Pad is a collaboration between Black Sheep and Italian pad manufacturer Elastic Interface. X-Fifty top fabric is like heaven for your bits. 4-way movement to ensure it caresses your but, with high-density inserts protect you from getting sore during long and bumpy hours in the saddle.

Thermal Protection

Thermoregulation is not so much feature, but rather a end goal that is affected by breathability and moisture management, amongst others. Our Thermal Protection Technology maintains the body’s optimum temperature range (37 degrees C) with thermal fabrics that promote breathability and moisture management, all whilst being a thermal barrier to the cold.


So much of what we do in the sportswear industry requires the use of man-made yarns. Our goal is to change this, and we have started with our Natural's range. Using New Zealand Merino Wool, the fibre is sourced through sustainable methods, utilising minimal chemicals and with the least impact on the environment.

Abraison Resistance

Abrasion occurs during all aspects of a fabrics life-cycle: during manufacture, use, and during cleaning. Our Cycling Pants, in particular, are built to withstand the toughest conditions, and treatment, you subject it to. Abrasion resistance is lab tested on all of Black Sheep’s fabrics using what’s known as the Martindale Test.


Black Sheep prides itself on the fabric we have gone around the world to source, and we love to explain to people what matters, and what is irrelevant.


FormDimple decreases the drag coefficient by effectively creating a larger boundary layer around an object - in our case, the arm and upper back. This helps airflow stay tighter to the surface of the fabric, decreasing turbulence, and improving overall aerodynamics.


LuxLite provides incredible anti sweat performance, with the ultimate female specific fit through body contouring. UPF 40+ sunprotection


An open-cell knit structure provides almost unrestricted evaporative cooling. This is a fabric specifically designed for regions where sweat is highest. Added Sun Protect treatment.


Italian warp-knit fabric that moves with repetitive flexion, extension and subtle torsional stresses riders place through the hip. The perfect bib short weight of 240 gsm. Produced by MITI Spa.


Ultra-lightweight 105 gsm with a silky texture. Milled in Switzerland, LuxForm is designed to contour perfectly to the body. Horizontal channels provide a full-body support structure.

LightAsteroid 2.0

At 130 gsm, this is one of the lightest performance fabrics you will ride in. Better yet, it also has unmatched UPF 30+ sun protection for those blistering hot days. Italian Milled.

OpenCell Mesh

A lightweight mesh fabric, with an OpenCell structure that allows transport of moisture from skin to the environment. Lightweight at 95 gsm.


Unheard of for a woven fabric, FlexCell is lightweight, stretchable, and a barrier to wind and water. Achieves an Excellent water-resistant Spray Rating.


Produced in collaboration with MITI S.P.A., Thermodream is one of the most advanced fabrics we have utilised at Black Sheep. A brushed elastic warp-knit fabric with added hydrophobic treatment for those annoying rain showers.


A unique lightweight stretch-woven fabric that repels water whilst retaining breathability. Milled in Switzerland, E3S1 is a perfect lightweight fabric for performance outerwear, providing a barrier to the elements and moulding to the body.


Sorman is a warp-knit brushed fabric with perfect full leg compression, water-repellent treatment, and significantly enhanced durability (Martindale Test; Excellent)


New Zealand Merino Wool is the finest natural fibre available. Built to control body temperature, from the hottest of days to the coldest of nights. Built to withstand the ruggedness of the New Zealand climate, evolved to be as soft as, ah, wool.



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