Black Sheep Cycling - Love & Care

All Black Sheep Cycling garments utilise the highest quality performance fabrics and the lightest weight construction. The result, the most premium cycling garment you will ever wear. With anything of this quality, you need to know how to care go it.



Always wash your garment by hand, or at the very most, inside a protective laundry bag on a delicate wash. An intense wash may cause abrasion to the fabrics.


Always use cold water for your washing. The temperature of the water needs to be lower than 30 degrees, with high quality laundry detergent. Absolutely NO softeners or bleach. Hot water or the use of softeners will cause the colour to run and the chamois adhesive to break down.


Always hang dry your garment in a well ventilated area. Air temperature should not exceed 26 degrees. Use of tumble dry or storage in hot and humid environments will cause damage to the fabric structure and colour fading.