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Pop Art was a trans-atlantic art movement and cultural phenomenon that stretched from London to New York City and ripped up the rule book of 20th century art. Combining brilliant, bright colour and pop culture referenced narrative, it’s attention grabbling style was used as an international political language of subversion that rings as true today as it did five decades ago. Our latest LIMITED Release and our exclusive Race ’Til Ya Pop event pays homage to this revolutionary era of the 1960 and 70s in all its fun, engaging and colourful-glory.

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Why, Black Sheep these kits are masterpieces!
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We proudly created a Pop Art inspired collection without a Campbell’s soup can in sight. Not even Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley got a look in. But in the, slightly butchered, words of David Hockney: “Art has to move you and design does not, unless it’s a good design to go riding in.” LIMITED WOW! is just that.

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“Why, Black Sheep these kits are masterpieces!”

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