The Tech

The Swiss Legacy sees the introduction of our new Seamless Bibs, exclusively part of the LIMITED range. Constructed using M.I.T.I. Spa's latest Shield Endurance development, the Seamless Bibs provide unmatched levels of comfort and styling. A 230 gsm warp-knit fabric suitable for riding in summer and winter, Shield Endurance 2.0 also provides a platform for deep, rich colour with 100 percent opacity.

Love & Care

These bibs have been constructed with an Italian warp-knit fabric, which actually acts a little like a stretch woven fabric. It means we can now do seamless, raw edges. Like here, with our new Seamless Bibs. On the inside is a silicone gripper. On first use, this will be tighter than you would generally prefer. This is done on purpose. To mold to your leg, gentle stretch the gripper. A soft indent should be the end result.


  • 240 gsm MITI Spa Shield Endurance 2.0
  • Warp-knit fabric with refined contouring and paneling
  • Vibrant deep colour with 100 percent opacity
  • Flatlocked seams
  • BSC High Density chamois with added perineal support
  • Silicone gripper