Season Eight

The Black Sheep.


Season Eight is our homage to the imposing landscapes we cycle amongst. They foster inspiration as we explore. They make us suffer in equal measure. Rugged mountain ranges, turbulent rolling oceans, lush forests and majestic patchwork countrysides. Open your eyes. Watch the world unfold before you. The landscape is the hero of our journey. Its changing face from dawn to dusk. The feelings it induces in the warmth of summer and chill of winter.

We are riders; the landscape our protagonist. The hero.


The blistering heat of the day has disappeared but the sun still sits on the horizon. The sky flirts with a spectrum of colours hard to comprehend. The heat from the sun warms your skin as if it’s your only life source. But this is is not a daydream. This is life, the way we like to live it.


The shoreline curves around the bay, the mountains descend towards the sea, and you gaze in awe. In great company. This is a good day. It’s 7am, the morning light has crested and you are met with monochromatic blue mountain steps that only this very canyon possesses. This is a Topanga Bleu Sunrise – something very special to the City of Angels.


The rolling ocean is our greatest metaphor. Its beauty is timeless. Majestic, powerful and chaotic. At its peak, when the force and power is almost insurmountable, the ocean climaxes into a wave. The water crashes open in fury, everything left in chaos and disorder. Yet without fail, the water retreats to the seamless harmony of the rolling ocean, leaving very little permanent disruption or scar. Don’t take it for granted. Let go. Get lost in the flow.


As you pass through fields, as you venture over borders, life changes. The hills you once knew so well are now foreign. The trees that guided you home now appear unfamiliar. The grains of sand running between your fingers are now of different shades. Strangely, there remains one consistency – the flower. Its leaves. Its smell. Its touch. You are a long way from home yet comforted by this universal symbol of its beauty.

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