Season Five


Life is too serious. Too many douche bags that don’t smile, dont say please and thank you, and too many that avoid rather than embrace. Time for these people to get over themselves and get back to nature. We want to celebrate our surrounds. We want to get back to saying ‘Hell Yeah’ and to having a good laugh. Season Five takes patterns and art found in nature, turns it on it’s head, and adds that little Black Sheep chic. Go on, get back to nature.


When you are in a state of flow, it’s almost impossible to be aware of anything outside of what you are doing. It’s state of mind that allows us to achieve superhuman results with relative ease. The Japanese Nami patterning is symbolic of the state of flow. Ease and grace achieves greatest personal satisfaction. Portland, the sheep, makes things look easy as well. Like breeding for instance – he does it all the time, regardless of the season. Why? Probably because he has horns. But hey, we are not going to question anyone that is wearing the Portland Wave. We’ll just be one of many bowing down before you.


Icelandic is our Northern European princess. Her beauty and her elegance grab you instantly. Countless girls, from all over the world, are dreaming of being dressed in her beautiful geometric patterning and her heart breaking colour palette. Deep rich blues and shades of celeste, methodically placed together using a range of opacities. Icelandic, the ewe, has a light-as-air coat which allows her to be both extremely agile and adaptable to extreme environments. Lightweight. Agile. Adaptable. Now if that isn’t a recipe for dropping people on climbs, then you should probably buy another kit.


Hi Lacaune (pronounced ‘La-kwan’). Welcome to the family. Don’t be fooled by Lacaune’s dominant blacks and whites. She is as complicated, intricate, and unique as anything to come before her. Her flowing marble patterning is chic, with a mixture of toughness, rawness, and grace in one very complex package. Lacaune, the ewe, is one of France’s most sort-after dairy-producing breeds and responsible for producing succulent vintages of Roquefort and Feta cheese. There may be a sense of irony, but the drooling that people will be doing whilst wearing Lacaune.


Think back to those days. Those days that the first thing you pick from the wardrobe is a winner. Even back to that day when you were 13 yeas old, you dominated athletics day and life couldn’t get much better. You were simply the “Master”. The Blue Meatmaster, with it’s prominent aqua blue patterning oozes confidence and mastery. Meatmaster sheep are bred with similar ideals of physical prowess and allure. Sure, not everyday you will feel superhuman and up to wearing the Blue Meatmaster – but those days that you’re up for it, celebrate it. Own it. Master it.

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