Season Four


From the beaches of Santa Monica, to the foothills of the Spanish Alps, Season Four is our journey of self-discovery.


Meet Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz needs little explanation. People either love him or hate him, but respect him for being über confident. Santa Cruz is emblazoned with ancient paisley patterning. It’s that interesting combination of subtleness and being smacked across the face that just leaves you with a sense of “whatever just happened to me feels a little bit amazing”. And just quietly, he looks amazing. Santa Cruz, the sheep, is from the highlands of California. They are very endangered, with population levels lower than natural featured bodies walking down Santa Monica Boulevard. Get in quick, Santa Cruz will soon be a distant memory.


Temptation. It’s a beautiful thing. Those moments in life that have two distinct paths; do I or don’t I? Meet Poly, our flamboyant temptress that makes even the most conservative personality tremble in excitement, dreaming of what could be if only they take the leap of faith. Poly features beautifully aligned spheres, enriched with violet tones. You will be left feeling elegant, sexy, and envied by everyone around.


The Striped Blackbelly. He’s the dude that tells people what time to meet, what direction they’re going to go, and what bottle of red they’re going to drink. Come on, there is a bit of Striped Blackbelly in all of us. The simplicity of this piece of art should not overshadow its confidence and conviction. Bold black lines are contrasted by a beautiful optic-white base. This is something your Dad could pull-off and have the ladies falling off his arm as he walks through the door. The Striped Blackbelly. Get him on you.


Pick up your jaw. Her name is Churra and she is our Spanish beauty here to shake things up. Churra is all about revolting against the establishment. Her supporters want to be her, whilst even her critics question their own choices. The dark blues and greens in the blooming flowers, and their arrangement, make the Churra truly captivating. The Churra sheep is known for its beautiful dairy-producing qualities. If the Churra is not mouth-watering for you yet, go eat some cheddar.

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