Season Seven


Life is too technical. It’s driving me nuts. I am surrounded by things that are just a bland excuse for what they used to be; cars, cities, fucking personalities.

Where is the counterculture? That time of expanding freedom and creativity that showed that beauty was in being individual, not in making everything look the same. Political correctness has stopped us from speaking up, and this stupid idea of gentrification has caused us to cover up the things that defined our community, even our families.

If you don’t mind, before my character is amputated, I am going to celebrate one of the last limbs of our culture that we will fight to keep, street art. If you think it’s vandalism, you should probably stop visiting that hipster coffee shop with cool art you love so much.

If you think street art is simply blatant statements backed by outrageous lies, you are probably right, but at least you have spent time to think about what the fuck you actually believe in. Season Seven – Street Art – is our tribute to the art form that celebrates our history and defines the community that has made us the people we are.

By a Black Sheep.


The Bluefaced Peacock is our homage to the beautiful portraiture that adorns the city walls of Melbourne, Venice and Berlin. The colourful, flowing hair in many of these pieces of art create the impression that the person is at the extreme ends of exhilaration or desperation without even looking at their face. Either way, you know life is being lived.


Based on the artwork of Russian street-artist Paniflov, the Black Hog is everthing you never had the guts to do or say yourself. Don’t be sorry though. This is a piece of art that unashamedly promotes opinionated discussion and ongoing exploration. Every time you put it on we want you to find something new and something unique within.


Zel references the street artists' tag, or signature, in a magnificent tribute to its importance. A tag is an artist’s display of ownership over a piece of work. Unlike commercial art where there is something to sell, the only recognition street artists have is in the tag itself. Stand back and think about the tag one day. Think about the story and the person that could be behind it.


There is something about abstract art, particularly on the street, that makes it so alluring. Is it the lack of boundaries? Is it the perceived lack of conformity? Is it that overwhelming feeling that you could have done that same thing yourself? It’s probably all of this, plus so much more. Sam is the freeform splatter of paint across a wall. It also represents that courage we need as designers to say that something is finished and then having enough restraint and willpower to actually believe it. For us, this is why abstract art is so challenging. For us, this is why we love it.

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