Season Six


In Season Six we celebrated architecture. It’s our celebration of ancient vernacular and of modernism, of organic and of inorganic and everything in between. In our collection we referenced concepts such as structure in the Red Massai, we alluded to the inorganic with the Jay Pollock, we blended Romanesque with the Baluchi, and we detailed nature with the Honeycomb.


Red Massai is inspired by the natural architecture we find in the layers that keep time. Whether it is the layers of earth in the desert, or the rings of life within a tree. The Red Massai is ultimately a tribute to the unpredictable forces of life that rapidly come and go, but leave their indelible mark behind.


Jay Pollock is irrational and confrontational. It’s also our intention to show that architecture is not defined by straight lines or symmetry. Much of our perception of architecture, aesthetically, is driven by colour and shade, by convergence, and by the space created between objects.


Baluchi shows that architecture is not limited to foundations or structures. It can be a simple artistic tool. Baluchi is inspired by Arabesque patterning, and in particular by much of what is found in the intricate detail of ceilings throughout Europe and the Middle East.


There is no greater example of the presence of architecture in nature than that of Honeycomb. The six-sided, hexagonal cells create a structure that has incredible strength, storage capacity, and shock absorption. Yet despite its practical qualities, the brilliance of the honeycomb shape has inspired endless design principles revolved around space, structure, and repeatability.

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