Season Three


The Delta Dorset is rare. So rare that you assume the worst. Simplicity, style, elegance are a dying breed, but are the attributes that make the Delta Dorset so alluring. Isosceles triangles, filled with subtle magentas and peaches, make you look and take notice, then walk away in jealousy. The Dorset sheep is similarly rare, but with a distinctively coloured coat that add to their exclusivity. As a side note, the Dorset likes to breed. All the time. Just letting you know.


We think of Suffolk like we think of Autumn. That special time when colours appear simpler, with a constant sense of calm and elegance. You look forward to being outside. You look forward to being inside. You are simply content. Ok, maybe this is just for weekends and doesn’t describe the anxiety you feel during the working week. We won’t ruin the picture we have created for you though. The Suffolk has grey and violet leaves, on a black backdrop. Simplicity, wherever you are, whatever ride you are doing. The Suffolk sheep is much the same. Adaptable for a range of environments, and well-known for their early maturity. Melbournians, you’ll like the Suffolk.


Gold is a girl’s best friend. Something like that anyway. For us, we simply wanted to create a piece that made you feel truly special and truly you. The Drysdale is 24 carats of style and sophistication. The floral gold arrangement amidst the black backdrop makes the Drysdale simply beautiful. So you then ask, what is in the name? The Drysdale sheep is strong and determined, with a long and luxurious wool. It’s hard to personality profile a sheep, but we feel we have it right with the Drysdale.


The Blue Cheviot is a little out there, but who are we to judge. Hey, you wear skinny jeans and do your top button up with little concern. You probably even have a beard, or wish you did at least. The Blue Cheviot is loud and confident. The meandering vines break into vibrant yet classy blue leaves. If you want to talk sheep, then the Cheviot is found in the hills, making the most of the rugged terrain. Let’s just say that your favourite climb and the Blue Cheviot are pretty much the perfect match.

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