Season Two


The Floral Finn catches your eye from afar, then you quickly turn your head hoping you haven’t been caught. You look again, move closer, your heart starts to race. This is something you have never seen before. The vibrant floral features are only a small part of this piece of art, with teal and green leaves on a black backdrop creating a sense of risky elegance. The Finn Sheep is well-known for its broad hind quarters and its exceptional fertility. What a man!


The Panama is all about minimalism, simplicity, and elegance. It’s for the woman with an unmatched work-ethic and a quiet confidence. It’s for the woman that knows she can do all things, not defined by one thing. It’s for the woman that is beautiful and only needs clothing to compliment that beauty. The Panama sheep is exactly the same. Highly valued for its fine merino wool, the Panama is highly respected and highly sought-after.


The Speckled Lincoln is that guy at school that could just do no wrong. Not the jock, yet far from the nerd. That good looking dude that played sport effortlessly and managed to get top marks seemingly without opening a text book. He didn’t follow the crowd, the crowd followed him. Females flocked. Like its high school human metaphor, the Lincoln is an extremely rare breed of sheep. He is very handsome and can sometimes be seen with hair long enough to be put into a bun. The ewes go crazy.


Meet Texel. You have never met Texel before. She is not from around here but that is a good thing. Texel is here to shake things up. The colours are beautifully vibrant yet they don’t slap you in the face. There is also an alluring complexity with geometric triangles layed in a beautiful mosaic. Texel takes its name from a breed of sheep originally from an island in the Netherlands. Texel ewes are known for their remarkable wool quality, travelling long distances and being able to adapt to diverse environments. We suggest you make friends with Texel.

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