Stinner x Black Sheep Collaboration


When we first started riding, we were enticed by the unknown. We were motivated by opportunities and expression. How things don’t change. As builders of hand made bicycles and makers of premium cycle clothing, all of us at Stinner and Black Sheep have a common focus to instil these sensations amongst our customers. Whether freedom for you is about new opportunities, or having an outlet to express yourself, we are here to help you discover it.

The Stinner x Black Sheep Collaboration kit is a celebration of the ultimate example of freedom for us - the surf. Deep navy blues provide the foundation for a vibrant ocean-inspired teal fade. Much like sunsets and sunrises over the coastline, the colours tell a different story from different angles and in different light. The Stinner x Black Sheep Collaboration kit is our chance to express ourselves and who we are. We welcome you to join this ride with us.