Strava x Black Sheep Collaboration


A partnership born through our love for cycling. This collaboration celebrates our relentless pursuit in developing products that are the very best, in a form that is simply beautiful.


In this very connected world we live in, it’s still incredible how introductions happen. Strava x Black Sheep started off in similar fashion. Let’s just say some very important mates in LA, introduced us to the legend of Ojai, who happened to be a legend at Strava. This amazing Collaboration, and an amazing journey, have been the end result.


To collaborate, it requires much more than putting a “+” or “x” between two brand names and calling yourself progressive. For us, collaborating opens the soul of each other’s business. We find out what makes the brand tick, what makes them special. With a diversity of views, skills, and experiences, collaborating simply allows us to produce something that would not have been possible before. We collaborate with brands and people who we admire, who we can learn from, and who we can have a lot of fun with. 

The journey of Strava x Black Sheep went from countless buffering hours of video calls, to time spent floating ideas in the National Parks of San Francisco, California, and the suburbs of the Gold Coast, Australia. We conceived a far out idea, we sketched and revised countless concepts, and then ultimately sat back and said “that’s the one”.


The camouflaged Strava x Black Sheep kit is a tribute to the endless love we both share to not just cycling, but also the outdoors. We both share an obsession with developing premium products. However, we ultimately just love to escape, getting lost into the unknown that cycling allows us and that camouflage signifies.