The anti-germs bidon

MR. Mind Morse Code Bidon

No residual taste from whatever goop you had in your bottle. The inside of each bidon has a barrier that prevents the build-up of germs, bacteria, or any pathogens. Ride after ride, for years to come. 500ml in size.


This Bidon is 500ml.
All Bottle Cages.
A standard circumference bidon that you can slam into any bottle cage!

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500 cc, 100% Biodegradeable plastic.

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Our 2021 Ballsy campaign is all about encouraging you to take proactive steps in your own Mental Health. Be Ballsy. Be Bold.

Emblazoned with the signature MR. branding. Use it as a talking point, or as your own personal reminder.


100% biobased sugarcane
That's It.

Finer Details.

100% Biodegradeable is formulated from sugarcane


Produced in the Netherlands using 100% biobased material from Sugar Cane.

As Tested by You.