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Men's Classic Aero Jersey - France



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The Classic Aero Jersey

Our Classic Jersey is built on our RACING Collection's Aero Jersey. Using FormDimple through the sleeve and back, we have created a textured surface that decreases drag coefficient and improves aerodynamics in regions exposed to high-velocity airflow. The jersey is finished off with LuxLite through the chest for exceptional body and hand feel.

Sleeve & Back: 156 gsm, 82% poly, 18% Lycra, dimpled knit
Body: 150 gsm, 30% Lycra, 70% poly, warp-knit fabric
Milled in Italy with incredible hand feel
FormDimple decrease drag and improves aerodynamic
Elastic waist hem
Three rear pockets
Hidden Zip Side-Pocket
Set-in sleeve construction
Race Fit

Inspired by national pride. By last-ditch lunges. And lunatic escapes.

The Nationals are traditionally held just prior to cycling’s marquee event – Le Tour de France. So for a Frenchmen to wear the Tricolore Jersey at their home race bears extra significance. Just ask current French champion Warren Barguil who was ready to quit cycling before winning the blue, white and red stripes. “There have been times when I’ve wanted to quit cycling, I didn’t give up. This jersey; it's pure passion. I've always had these legs; I just had to find them again."

‘WOW! At 52, Jeannie Longo wins another French national title’ – VeloNews. Proclaiming what we were all thinking!

– VeloNews. Proclaiming what we were all thinking!

Aero Is (almost) Everything

Chances are you’ll never win a national cycling championship. Nor will we. But our kit will make you fast(er). FormDimple decreases the drag coefficient by effectively creating a larger boundary layer around an object - in our case, the arm and upper back. This helps airflow stay tighter to the surface of the fabric, decreasing turbulence, and improving overall aerodynamics.

Beat the Heat.

You might not have rivals to race. Or national championships to win. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress like champion and benefit from pro-like jersey tech that will help you beat the heat – a victory in itself when your hours deep into a ride and the Mercury is rising as fast as your desire to get home. Fortunately for you, LuxLite provides incredible anti-sweat performance. Hello. And UPF 40+ sun protection. Did we hear a whoop whoop!? Perhaps not. Either way, in the battle of you versus the sun, you win!

Inspired by yesteryear. Crafted for the Future.

Our inspiration for CLASSIC | Nationals may have been yesteryear. But our jersey tech is firmly rooted in the future. Zoned Fabric Construction is what we have called the specific arrangement of key aerodynamic fabrics to achieve decreased drag. We have used FormDimple in regions of high wind velocity (shoulder and arms, upper back) to increase the boundary layer, and smoothen the air flow. This has been proven to decrease the Coefficient of Drag by recorded decreases in turbulence, ultimately increasing bike speed. Studies have shown improvements over a 90km time trial of 45 - 67.5 seconds.

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