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The I AM Sock is based on our Perfect Crew sock, raising the benchmark for sock performance. Moisture Wicking Pipes from the Polyamide / Nylon blend, invisible seams for ultimate toe-box comfort, and a graduated compression fit for ride-long comfort.


78% Polyamide

22% Nylon



The Man Ride 2019 is raising the stakes and shifting focus. In our three previous years of the Man Ride, we focused on starting a conversation. In 2019, we want to create tangible change. We want you to answer a question openly and honestly. It starts with I AM. The rest is up to you.

A reminder for yourself, and a symbol of activism for your community.

The I AM Collection is about cause and effect. The cause is not letting people know how you truly feel. The effect is the distortion of reality. A reality that could be much different if you answer 'How are you?' openly and honestly.

I AM Flag.

The fluorescent yellow flag is for you to define every day. The I AM flag is a calling for everyone to answer the question of 'How are you?'. A calling to tell it as it is, and to potentially help us all to rise above the distortion and to see the truth.

A Constant Reminder.

Mental Illness affects us all, every day. Mental illness is the biggest killer of young men around the world. To put that into perspective, 1 million men took their own lives last year, while an additional 430,000 men were diagnosed with life-changing anxiety. If you don't have an awareness of how big the problem is, here it is. Now we need to do something about it.

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