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TC19 Green Beacon Bidon

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Fresh Taste

No residual taste from whatever goop, gunk or mix you had in your bottle the day, or days before. The inside of each bidon has a barrier that prevents the build-up of germs, bacteria, or any pathogens. Ride after ride, for years to come.

BPA Free
100% Recyclable
Leak Proof Cap
Non-toxic inks
Made in USA

The days are getting longer, the beers cooler and all we want to do is get out and ride. Welcome the Essentials Team Collection, our signature range crafted to usher in spring and see us through a long, hot summer of beautiful riding just South of Paradise. Led by all Italian fabrics, the lightest of weights, and beautiful colourways, this is a range built for the every day, all day.

Weisse Sheep's Piss

Weisse Sheep's Piss is some of the finest liquid from the gallows of Helen St, Teneriffe. In this great Brisbane suburb lives Black Sheep and Green Beacon Brewing. Situated on opposite sides of the road, Green Beacon has basically become that bad influence on Black Sheep and our productivity. But hey, if we keep producing masterpieces like Weisse Sheep's Piss, then who's complaining?



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